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Since its establishment in 1980, Elytone Electronic Co., Ltd. has shaped the modern magnetic, audio and crossover network industries. Committed for the last 35 years to creating dependable and high quality magnetic components, Elytone branding has made its mark on switching power transformers, current sense transformers, common mode chokes, power inductors and toroidal transformers. Constantly developing new products, Elytone has designed new products such as flat helix winding coils and TX & RX modules for wireless power chargers.




In addition to the manufacturing facility in Dapu, Taipei, Taiwan, we have a mass production facility in Dong Guan, China. The four manufacturing buildings in China have a total of 850,000 sq ft that enables us to produce quality transformers, crossover networks and subwoofer amplifiers. With our extensive automated equipment and with our large group of experienced hard-working employees in our China facility, we are an efficiency-driven and world class manufacturer in the industry.


The thriving R&D teams in both Taiwan and China have expertise and experiences to support your need for custom designs.

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